Donations to the Friends of the Library are tax-deductible.  
Donate any amount you wish securely using PayPal.

Delaware Community Market

You can shop locally and support the Library and the Friends. The Delaware Community Market provides a venue for local farmers, growers and artisans to send their goods, and when you shop at the Market, you can designate either the Library or the Friends of the Library as the non-profit organization that you would like to support.  The Market will then send 20% of the money you spend to the organization you choose.

Kroger Community Rewards

In addition to donating money directly to the Friends, you can donate indirectly with the Kroger Community Rewards program with your Kroger Plus Card. Here's how to enroll:
  1. Go to the secure Kroger Community Rewards website to enroll. (You will have to re-enroll annually).
  2. After you activate your account you are ready to select Friends of the DCDL.
  3. Sign in to your account. If your Kroger Plus Card is not already registered, do so now.
  4. Scroll to Community Rewards and click.
  5. The Friends of the DCDL organization number is 80537.
Once you are registered, purchases made using your Plus Card will automatically generate a contribution to the FOL's rewards. In additional, all linked Plus Cards used by family members will begin earning funds for the Friends of the Library.

Thanks for your continued support!