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Record Breaking Bargain Book Fairs

posted Jun 2, 2012, 5:59 AM by Webmaster FriendsofDCDL   [ updated Jun 2, 2012, 6:08 AM ]
In a span of just two month the Friends of the Library (FOL) have conducted two hugely successful Bargain Book Fairs. Thousands of books and VCR tapes that were about to be discarded found new life and new homes and many of our patrons headed home with full bags and smiles on their faces. Revenue totaled nearly $3,500 for both the Orange and Delaware Bargain Book Fairs. We of the FOL say thank you for helping us so that we can help the Delaware County District Library (DCDL).

In April, despite a drizzle and not the warmest of temperatures, the Orange Bargain Book Fair in little over 24 hours raised more than $1,000 in donations. We had some return buyers, especially the book store owners from Columbus. A man came from Norwalk with his own bags and scanner. Many other book lovers filled their bags and went home happy with their treasures. We are grateful to Richard Vail, who lent us extra tables and to Mark, the DCDL custodian, who delivered tables to us from the Delaware Branch. The Orange Branch is developing a strong following of book lovers and their support at our book fairs is greatly appreciated. With their wonderful facility the FOL and the Orange Community can expect this library to become one the strongest in central Ohio.

Good weather, thousands of books and wonderful volunteers helped make the Delaware Bargain Book Fair the best in its history. In three days, we saw record attendance with thousands of books finding a new home. When all was said and done, we had raised a record setting $2,379 in revenue. The response by the Delaware community was wonderful and is a great tribute to the library and the book loving community. When you have people still looking for books while you are trying to clean up you know you are involved in something special.

But good books and good weather do not make a Book Fair. At both Orange and Delaware our success can be attributed to our volunteers. They are the backbone of the FOL and any success we have in conducting these book fairs. It takes time, patience, and most of all hard work to run these events. The dedication of the volunteers can never be taken for granted. In two months, we raised over $3,000 because the volunteers displayed a love not only of books, but of the Delaware County District Library and the Delaware community.

A big FOL thank you to all of you volunteers who worked nearly 1,000 hours at the Delaware and Orange Bargain Book Fairs. Apologies in advance to those who may have been left off of this list.

Andrew Kohan
Carolyn Jamison
Celia Vail
Cheryl Stagg
Don Jester
Don Schackne
Donna Jackson
Eleanor Kalfs
Emily Modak
Floyd Dickman
Fran Roush
JoAnn Hagan
Joe Penzera
Judy Lynch
Julie Bottorff
Kathy Kibg
Kathy Schwartz
Linda Penzera
Lynn Foreman
Martha Noreault
Mary Cardinal
Maryann Sweeney
Nancy Olsen
Paul Meyers
Penny Mong
Ray Myers
Stella Dickman
Sylvia Jester
Terry Meyers
Vicky Schmarr
Lynn Foreman's daughter
Meyers' nephews and friends