About Us

Formed in 2007,  the Friends of the Delaware County District Library is a non-profit group that supports the mission, services and needs of the Delaware County District Library.  We attempt to focus public attention on the DCDL and its wonderful contribution to the Delaware County community.
The Friends raise funds through our volunteer service by hosting Bargain Book Fairs at Orange and Delaware branches at least twice a year.  In 2014 we sponsored our first Friends Art Fair with art donations from DCDL and the local community.  In 2015 we held Bargain Book Fairs at all four library branches.  Since 2010, by raising money through donations, membership dues and other fundraising events, the Friends of DCDL has supported grants totaling over $43,000.  These were given to the Delaware County District Library for summer reading programs, adult book club discussions, and other literary activities.
We have hosted many adult authors and children's authors/illustrators at Delaware and Orange branches in the past four years.
Remember when you join the Friends or attend our fundraising events your donations benefit all four library branches: Delaware, Orange, Ostrander and Powell.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with our Friends initiatives and activities. Contact us through information on this website.
If you would like more information about our history and mission, feel free to download our organizing documents and current strategic plan.
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